Relocating to Miami – Practical Guide to Moving to Miami


Relocating to Miami

Considering relocating to Miami? All you need to know about the City.

If you are looking to relocating to Miami for whatever reason you might have, this practical guide will help you to understand the market, learn about the growth of the city on population, culture, art, and development.

Did you know that every day we have around 200 people relocating to Miami  looking to establish their new home?

Before Moving or relocating to Miami, let’s learn a little bit of history.

For many years, Miami attracted foreign buyers such as investors, young US professional citizens and families who decided to relocate in Miami. This Magical city has come a long way. Few cities have a history as exciting and impactful as Miami, and in only 120 years. From its start as a small town along the Miami River, to the thriving global city it is today. People around the world are moving to Miami because this city has stood  as a symbol of new beginning, hope and prosperity for generations. This symbol continues to hold true today more than ever.

“Even after 100 years, we’ve only just begun. This is a fantastic time to be in Miami. We are making history for the next 100 years at a pace never before experienced. The best is yet to come”

-Jorge Perez, Chairman and CEO, Related Group

3 Main Reason why to relocating to Miami is a clever move?

  • Miami is a great city to start or continue your career

 Miami has a big concentration of international banks, most located in Brickell – a rapidly-growing city with banking culture. Downtown Miami – Brickell also called Financial District. There are approximately 53 hedge and private equity funds headquartered in the area, which give job opportunities for those with potential career in Finance. Thinking about relocating to Miami is fascinating because there is a window of possibilities to growth  in different careers like in the hospitality, health, beauty, fashion, architecture, real estate, and agriculture industry. Miami is the gateway of the Americas. Many international companies have established or are looking to establish their international headquarters in Miami because is the perfect place to connect the South, East, West and North of the world offering a stable currency, well organized infrastructure and multilingual staff.

  • Miami is a great city to develop the artist inside of you

If you are a art lover, this is the perfect moment to think about relocating to Miami. Every year Miami Beach host one of the most important Art shows called Art Basel. This event attracts an enormous of art fans from all over the world. The city of Miami organizes art shows like AQUA Art, Art Miami and the monthly recurring Wynwood Art Walk hosted by one of the biggest developers in Miami Mana Wynwood. In 2014, Miami opened the PAMM – Perez Art Museum Miami. The PAMM is a modern and contemporary art museum dedicated to collecting and exhibiting international art of the 20th and 21st centuries. I can’t forget to mention the most beautiful performing arts space called Adrianne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.

  • Miami is a great city to Live, Work and Play

Miami is consider  a city the happiest city to work in the USA in 2016 and it makes scene because of the millions of activities that the city offers. If your plan is relocating to Miami there is not reasons why you will be bored ever. After a long work week, the city provides you with the best and most interesting  activities. From excellent dinning experiences, spectacular cocktails in different bars around the city, boating trips with a group of friends, sunny days enjoying the beach, exclusive shopping experiences at the Bal Harbour Shops,  Design District, the new and magnificence Brickell City Center. If you are looking for outdoor activities  supporting local products, we also have more than 20 farmers market in the city where you will be able to support local businesses and go back to basic eating healthy and organic products.

As a real estate professional is my job to guide you and help you finding your new home when thinking to relocating to Miami.

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